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What exactly do you think of when you see the phrase Password reset from the Mac Desktop? There is obviously a connection to the Mac Keychain, but what does password reset on the Mac Desktop really look like?  On Windows, Desktop Password reset is a no-brainer – ask just about anyone and you’ll get a practically identical response: CTRL + ALT + DEL to reset your password. For Password Reset on the Mac Desktop, however, that is an entirely different story.  That’s part of the problem.

It is no great secret that Mac and Windows Operating systems are constantly competing for the largest share of the same market space.  People have their preferences, and not everyone is going to be looking for the same thing in their Operating System.  That is not a hard concept to grasp.  However, with the growing diversity between operating systems appearing in every environment and business vertical out there, it is becoming even more important to cater to both crowds with solutions that support cross-platform integration for the most necessary tools for end-users.  One of those tools is self-service password reset – and that is a tough nut to crack.

Password Reset from the Mac Desktop and the Importance of Cross Platform Support

Users Diversify, Applications Struggle to Keep Up

Users put a lot of pressure on their Machines to keep pace with their daily needs – whether that is at work or at home.  As with anything else, having options here is a great thing for users, but these options also make things more complicated for administrators and application developers.  The simple truth is that users pick things up very quickly and easily, while applications and systems need to be built and designed specifically for each device and their respective operating systems.  As time goes on, this relationship has gotten much smoother, but where security and usability interject, there is always conflict that can be difficult to resolve. Usability vs security boils down to a simple argument: What end-users want and what administrators require are two entirely different things. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the case of password reset – specifically, password reset from the Mac Desktop and from the Windows Desktop.

According to ComputerWorld, 2016 saw a rapid increase in the tendency for many organizations to move forward with Mac Machines, with 44 percent of organizations offering employees a choice of Mac or PC.  The simple fact of the matter is this: users find certain devices and operating systems better suited for specific tasks.  Those same users do NOT want to see ease of use on one hand, and a bulky, tough to use application on the other.  That’s where PortalGuard comes into play for Password reset from the Mac desktop and from the windows desktop.

Not only does PortalGuard provide Password reset from the Mac desktop alongside Two-Factor Authentication and forced enrollment capabilities, but it does so while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all devices in a given environment. Whether users are operating a Mac, Windows, or even Android device, PortalGuard remains consistent.  The effects of this consistency cannot be overstated.

A Consistent Look and Feel is Important – It Inspires Trust

There is a lot of time spent on discussing the importance of a well-branded web application – and with good reason: it provides a host of benefits for your environment.  End-users spend a large portion of time engaging with your website and its various resources, and they come to trust those applications based on their similarity to what they know of the organization as whole.  For web applications, this trust comes almost exclusively from the User Interface.  This is one of the many reasons that users are trained to be wary of anything online that looks slightly off – it’s the marker for an attempt to steal information. To that end, creating a system that has a consistent look and feel across all verticals servers to embolden your end-users and create a necessary trust relationship to keep business flowing smoothly.

Password reset from the Mac Desktop and the Windows Desktop adheres to the same principals.  The sad truth is that not every solution provides integration points for both operating systems – despite the rise in the trend of users choosing both sides of the proverbial coin.

In larger enterprise organizations as well as educational environments, users spend a lot of time going back and forth between both Windows and Mac environments.  This flexibility generates additional work when the Machines in question do not support the same software, causing users to fumble in the midst of critical activities.  This frustration increases when simple actions like Password reset from the Mac Desktop and the Windows Desktop are obviously utilizing different applications to generate the same effect.  While users are likely to trust the Machine itself, utilizing a completely separate program for something as sensitive as a secure password reset is a separate matter entirely.

With PortalGuard, Password Reset from the Mac Desktop and the Windows Desktop utilize the same back-end communication with the PortalGuard web server to provide a consistent look and feel that users will trust.  In addition, the software functions identically regardless of the device being used – Windows, Mac, and even mobile devices share the same look and file alongside full functionality. Each integration is done at the Operating System level to match the inherent look and feel of the Machine in question, while the actual functionality carries organizational branding throughout without additional effort on behalf of administrators. In short, PortalGuard provides a solution that end users will trust while simplifying the maintenance for administrators tasked with implementing the software throughout the digital environment.

In an era where digital trust is what can determine whether or not a business succeeds or fails, it is important to provide users with an application that does not make them second guess their own safety and security.  The world is changing and there is no longer just one type of computer for users to choose from.  There is, however, one software package that helps end users navigate the new terrain without any hassle whatsoever.

PortalGuard The Next Step Up In Access Control

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